मायबोलीचा खर्च निघाला पाहिजे म्हणून उत्पन्न पाहिजे याच्याशी सहमत आहे. पण वेमा, आता वेब साईट चालवणे अगदी स्वस्तातले काम आहे. डोमेन रजिस्ट्रेशन वर्षात $१५.५० मध्ये होते. होस्टिंग महिना साधारण $१० मध्ये होते. ड्रुपल साठी पैसे द्यावे लागत नाहीत. SSL certificate फुकट मिळते. म्हणजे फार फार तर $१५० वर्षाला खर्च आहे. तो मी करायला तयार आहे. कृपया इथे जाहिराती दाखवून युजर एक्स्पिरियंस आणि मुख्य म्हणजे युजर प्रायव्हसीचा विचका करू नका, ही कळकळीची आणि नम्र विनंती. _/\_

आपला यासंदर्भात पत्रव्यवहार झाला होता. तो कदाचित तुमच्या नजरेतून सुटला असेल, म्हणून इथे लिहितो.

On 02/27/2018 07:36 PM, Webmaster -Maayboli wrote:
> >> काय गंमत आहे बघा. मला मायबोलीवर एकही जाहिरात दिसत नाही कधी. आता फोनवर पण फायरफॉक्स फोकस वापरायला लागलो तेव्हापासून तर जावास्क्रिप्ट पण छानपैकी ब्लॉक होतात आणि मायबोली अगदी जोरात चालते.
> जाहिरात दाखवणार नाहीत अशा टीव्ही, वर्तमानपत्र, वेबसाइट यांना मी नेहमीपेक्षा जास्त पैसे द्यायला तयार आहे. पण असे फारच दुर्मिळ, त्यामुळे ते पैसे मी जाहिरात अडवणार्‍या अ‍ॅप्सना देणगी म्हणून देतो.
> काय राव. पोटावर पाय देताय मायबोलीच्या !
> More seriously ad blockers affect more than just maayboli. If you want to see marathi websites to survive (or any website to survive) they need revenue. And majority people want free rather than paying subscription fee.
> —
> http://www.maayboli.com
> Marathi footsteps around the world

यावर माझे उत्तर: (रोमन लिपीत आहे, गोड मानून घ्या).
I block advertisements ALL THE TIME. In fact, I am willing to pay money if you DON’T SHOW advertisements. I am willing to pay more for TV programs without commercials, alas, there is no such option.

I am willing to provide you free hosting for life, if needed. ( I have reseller account.) or I will sponsor the costs in other way.

I agree with you that Marathi websites need to survive, but then you should change your business model. Once upon a time, I used to run eCommerce business. Learned a lot.
1. Start charging for additional features. e.g. Chhotya Jahirati (Aaplya lokana sagle fukat have asate ani fukat dile ki tyachi kimmat nasate). In that section, show advertisements for NRI banks, Jewellers (e.g. P. N. Gadgil), Real Estate Builders (e.g. Paranjape) etc. and charge them fees. $100 per month is pittance for a real estate developer or a gold jeweler.

Read a book by Scott Adams:
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life

In that book, he tells a story how he charged ridiculous amount to give a speech and people still paid him.

2. Your online store is good. I have myself bought Diwali magazines from Maayboli. Expand it. Start a bookstore. (Talk to Mandar Joglekar of Bookganga, if needed)

3. Sell tickets for Seattle Marathi Mandal programs etc. and take a cut from them. That is the reason I had asked “What exactly Maayboli does to be a media partner => Does Maayboli pay them money to be a sponsor or earn money in the venture?

4. Start vadhu-var suchak mandal. Charge money.

5. Sell insurance for parents visiting North America. Run business like Sulekha.com and charge money.

6. Start paid groups, e.g. Personal finance related, H4 spouses, Senior Citizen issues etc. and charge money.

7. Start Marathi translation services etc. Just an idea. I doubt, you will get any clients. (Honestly, maayboli = marathi is a VERY NARROW focus to run a business IMO, but then, that is your customer base, I guess.)

8. Better yet, provide services to build Drupal websites, get them done in India, create job opportunities there and also run successful business in America. (Have you heard of Roshan Shah?)

Looks like you run Maayboli more like a hobby and less as a business venture. In that case, it will always remain a hobby.


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