A Catch 22 Situation

Economy Paradox – The World Over

1A. If interest rate goes up : “How can the poor afford a house or a car ?”

1B. If rate comes down :
“How will elders earn interest from the bank, in their twilight years ?”

2A. If foreigners invest in our country : “They are taking away our wealth as profits/dividends”

2B. If domestic Co. invests outside : “Our wealth shifts for the development of outsiders”

3A. If tax rates are increased : “The Govt is robbing people”.

3B. If tax rates are lowered : “The Govt is trying to help the rich”.

4A. If GDP grows : “The Govt is working primarily for the big corporates”.

4B. If GDP contracts : “There is no job creation”.

5A. If currency strengthens : “Our exports get impacted”.

5B. If currency weakens : “Our import bill has gone up”.

6A. If Food prices go up : “Masses are suffering”.

6B. If Food prices come down : “The farmers are suffering”.

7A. If stock market comes down : “The economy is in a mess”

7B. If stock market goes up : “Its not a true measure of economy; only corporates are being supported”.

8A. If Corporate tax rates are increased : “Govt is penalizing private enterprise”.

8B. If Corporate tax rates are cut : “the Govt is only trying to boost the profitability of corporates”.

Moral of the above contradictions :
Heads I win, Tails U lose

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